October 14, 2019

Fall into Style with a Fresh Look

Fall is a season of change. Green leaves are turning gorgeous shades of gold, ginger and ruby before fluttering to the ground. People are packing away their sandals and tank tops and are pulling out their favorite sweaters and boots. Floral scents are giving way to apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice. With so much change all around you, now is the perfect time to update your look with a fresh hairstyle. Your hairstyle should be as unique as you are, but you understandably may be eager to incorporate some of the hot hair trends into your new look.


Regardless of whether you prefer a shorter or longer style, bangs are the perfect way to get out of a hair rut. Chopped, edgy bangs still have a place in today’s styles, but longer bangs are increasingly popular. Whether you sweep them to one side or part them down the middle for a draped look, bangs can beautifully frame your face. When you visit our salon, we can help you to select a style of bangs that looks great with your facial structure and with the overall style that you want to achieve this fall.


Side parts continue to be popular going into the fall, but many people are shaking things up by switching the side of their part or choosing a deeper or angled part. Another option is a center part, which could look amazing with sleek or textured hair. Regardless of where you choose to place your part, you can play with the height of your hair to achieve different daytime and evening looks.


If you cannot decide between sleek or textured hair, the good news is that you no longer need to choose. Dual-textured styles are increasingly popular, and they can be pulled off in stunning ways. One of many ideas is to sleek down the top of your hair and to transition this to gentle waves or even tight curls. You can add color variation to these dual-textured looks for added emphasis.


The carefree look of loose curls that was popular in the summer carries into the fall. If you were not ready to try loose, messy curls a few months ago, the changing seasons gives you the perfect opportunity to step out of the ordinary. For both longer and shorter hair, curls can be combined with warm highlights or other coloring techniques to infuse a touch of autumn into your look.

There is no better time than now to be bold and make a beautiful change to your look. With your hair coloring appointment in October, you can take advantage of 20% off of a Milbone moisturizing treatment and a free weekly booster valued at $15. We also are offering eyebrow shaping in October for $18, which is a discount of $7. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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