March 2, 2020

Highlights Special

Now that winter is fading away, the snow is melting and the temperatures are warming up, it is time to treat yourself to a new look for the season. Whether you want to make a bold change or you have something a bit subtler in mind, you can take advantage of our Highlight Special for March at Visions for the Art of Hair to save money on your next visit to our salon.

The Incredible Impact of Highlights

Beautiful highlights can bring out your natural beauty, such as by accentuating your eye color or gorgeous skin tone. In some cases, they can make your check bones look more prominent, and this could have a slimming effect on your face. Depending on the color of the highlights and how they are applied, they can make thin, fine hair look fuller. They can also be used create depth by showing off the dramatic lines of your hairstyle. Our stylist has the expertise and skills required to maximize the benefits of your new highlights.

Our Passion for Making Our Clients Shine

At Visions for the Art of Hair, we provide personalized attention to each client regardless of the service or treatment requested. When you stop by our salon for new highlights, we will take time to learn about what you have in mind for your new look. We will also use our extensive experience to make color suggestions so that you will look truly radiant when you leave our salon. Some people have heard that highlights are only suitable for some hair colors, but this is not the case. With our experience, we can help you to choose a color that looks great on you regardless of your natural coloring.

Get a Free Cut with Your New Highlights

For March, we are happy to offer our valued clients with a free haircut to go with a highlight treatment. By trimming your hair before we complete the highlights treatment, the highlights can be perfectly applied so that their impact on your look is maximized. March is also associated with St. Patrick’s Day. While some people show off their green pride on this specific day, Visions for the Art of Hair is a Green Circle Salon, and we are proud to support the environment through our focus on sustainability throughout the year. When you choose to visit our salon for your highlights and cut, you can feel proud to go green with us.

Our availability for March is limited, and appointments are filling quickly. If you want to take advantage of our March special to get a free haircut with your new highlights, we encourage you to reach out to us today to schedule your appointment. All March Special appointments must be booked prior March 22, 2020 and must be redeemed before December 22, 2020. This offer can’t be combined with any other specials.

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