January 2, 2020


Your skin is one of the first things that others notice about you, and you understandably want them to see flawlessly smooth, healthy skin. January’s harsh weather conditions are exceptionally hard on your skin. Freezing temperatures and strong winds can leave your skin dry and chapped. It can make your fine lines and wrinkles more pronounced. Your skin is an outer reflection of your inner health and vitality, so you need your skin to look as vibrant as you feel. At Visions for the Art of Hair, we strive to meet all of your beauty needs. In addition to being your trusted salon for hair styling and coloring, we focus on skin health and beauty.

Quality Skincare Products for All Needs

For the last 18 years, we have been helping our clients overcome their concerns related to fine lines, drooping eyelids, tone balancing and more. To celebrate our 18th anniversary, we are proud to offer an 18 percent discount on all of our skincare products. We recommend the Glo Skin Beauty line to our valued clients because it is a mineral-based collection that addresses all of your needs. Its products use proprietary blends to deliver results that you cannot achieve with other skincare products. Available products include a hydrating gel cleanser, a hydration cream, balancing mist and contour eye lift cream. When you consult with Lauren, you can receive personalized recommendations for the right combination of skincare products for your unique needs.

Lash and Lip Enhancement Solutions

Long, thick lashes and plump lips are desired by many of our clients. While some women are naturally blessed in these areas, others want to enhance lashes and lips to bring out their natural beauty. Grande is a unique line of makeup that also has proven enhancement serums. These products are applied as part of your normal makeup regimen, and they boost your features with stunning results. During a skincare consultation at Visions for the Art of Hair, we can tell you more about these effective products and how they may be incorporated into your daily regimen to elevate your natural beauty.

With our special on skincare products this January, you can save money while pampering your skin. We want each of our valued clients to look and feel gorgeous, and this begins with healthy skin. Are you ready to learn more about how our quality products can address your areas of concern and restore the condition of your skin? Contact Lauren Cassidy today to schedule a complimentary skincare consultation.

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