Manicures & Pedicures

Visions for the Art of Hair offers full service manicures and pedicures, treatments, and rejuvenating hand and foot massage. Book your appointment today — you deserve it!

Samara Guerra

Samara Guerra is an expert in manicures and pedicures. She brings 18 years in the industry.



Waterless Manicure
Nails are clipped, filed and shaped.

Attention to cuticles and nipped if desired.

Hot towels are used for relaxation and increase circulation.

Finished with an aromatic massage and your choice of color or buff.
Non chip manicure
The Waterless Manicure is performed.

Application of your choice of gel color and finishing with a hydrating arm and hand massage. 

Hot towels are also used.
Deluxe Sugar Scrub and Marine Mask Manicure
Same steps as the Waterless Manicure 

With the addition of the following: 

• Moisturizing sugar scrub blended with natural oils
• Peppermint mask
• Hydrating hand and arm massage
• Essential oil of choice
• Finishing with warm mittens and your choice of color or buff
Mini Manicure
Clipping and shaping of natural nails. 

Followed by a soft nail buff to smooth nails.

Light massage and lotion is applied. 

Finishing with color choice.


A Lavender or Peppermint Pedicure
Choice of lavender or peppermint oil for feet soak.

Nails will be clipped and shaped.

Cuticles will be soften, pushed and nipped.

Exfoliation is done with the application of a moisturizing sugar scrub with a blend of natural oils.

Dry skin removal with a foot file.

Followed with a massage and finishing with your choice of color or buff.
Non Chip Pedicure
We will perform a  lavender/peppermint pedicure without the oils, for better adhesion of gel product.

Choice of color and cured under an LED lamp.

Finishing with a hydrating massage and choice of essential oil.
The Crème De La Crème Pedicure
All steps as the lavender or peppermint plus detailed attention  to calluses and troublesome areas.

Callus elimination treatment is included.

Mint marine mask is applied.

Choice of essential oil for your hydrating leg and foot massage.

Followed by a therapeutic heat from the use of warm booties.

Finishing with choice of color or buff.
It’s a “facial-like” treatment !
Callus Elimination and Dry Skin Treatment
We will soak feet and apply a serum that will soften and remove calluses and dry skin. 

Then use a foot file to remove any remaining dry skin.

A natural sugar scrub with natural oils will be applied to foot, we will finish with a lotion and light massage. (No pedicure for this treatment.)